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"Anna Slate is utterly captivating, and her scenes with Halina/Dorothee [...] are electric."

         -BroadwayWorld, Indecent

"The show’s remarkable, dexterous returning ensemble [...] adds layers of flesh to the many personalities they are asked to inhabit.

They also become a unified force in capturing the weight and somber tone that dominates the script, and never lose sight of the painstaking humanity at the heart of each of the roles they bring to life. Nor do they miss any opportunity to share the sense of joy that surfaces upon occasion, often through a reflection of the characters’ powerful connection with their heritage amidst the travesties they experience."

         -The Boston Globe, Indecent

"Aimee Doherty and Anna Slate convey chemistry that is nothing short of electrifying, and their superb performances shine brightly and forcefully as the couple who notably shared the first same-sex kiss on the American stage."

        -Broadway World, Indecent

"Remarkable Debut:  But the surprise treasure of the night was soprano Anna Slate, a recent college graduate who stole the show in her first professional appearance. As Romilda's sister and romantic rival Atalanta - here embodied as the essence of pesky kid-sisterhood - Slate combined superb theatrical instincts and expressive body language with bright, enchanting vocal gifts. She's a keeper, this one."

        -The San Francisco Chronicle, Xerxes

"In her first professional role since graduating the University of Wisconsin, tiny soprano Anna Slate (Atalanta) was a physical delight. Moving with the flexibility of a young child, Slate slithered and sprung around the set while displaying a light […] voice that worked well in comedy."

        -SF Classical Voice, Xerxes

"Other cast members are petite soprano and consummate comedian Anna Slate, who sang the role of Atalanta, Romilda’s kid sister (who is madly infatuated with Arsamene and wreaks all sorts of hilarious havoc throughout the opera)."

        -Mercury News, Xerxes

"Morgana, played by soprano Anna Slate, radiated a contagious delight. She championed the show’s comedic elements with her insatiable but winningly naïve sexual appetite. Slate’s recitatives flowed easily and idiomatically, neither overly spoken nor sung. Her Morgana had a sympathetic core that remained throughout the character’s journey to self-knowledge. One hoped that she would escape the fate to which her foil, Alcina, seemed destined."

        -EntertainmentHour, Alcina

"As for Slate, she should be given a special award for memorizing reams of phonetic Hebrew for this part, along with physicalizing their meaning so that the audience can discern a semblance of what she’s saying. Slate is a fine actor in English, but she really comes alive while spewing indecipherable (to us and the other characters) Hebrew whilst spinning around the stage like a top."

        -Asheville Stages, Handle with Care

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